Republican Headquarters is Open

The Republican Headquarters, located on 123 Greenville Ave is now open! Our official hours are Wed-Fri 3pm-7pm, however we have had wonderful volunteers fill in for additional hours.

There is a huge demand for McCain/Palin yard signs and we are doing our best to keep up with demand. We had 350 signs as of Friday and are down to our last 50. We have placed another order and should receive them by the end of next week.

If you are interested in volunteering, please stop by Headquarters and sign up! We’d love to be open from noon until 7pm Mon-Saturday.

Thank you for your dedication to the Party–it is truly a team effort and we are grateful!

Volunteer for the African American Heritage Festival

Staunton’s Annual African American Festival is THIS Saturday at Gypsy Hill Park. The Festival features music, food, arts, crafts and fun for everyone. All events are under the big tent. The Staunton Republican Committee will be there and we will have a booth. We would love to have you come out and volunteer and join in the festivities!

Saturday, Sept 20th

10am to 6pm

Gypsy Hill Park, Staunton

Please contact Carl Tate, Director of Minority Outreach for more information and to volunteer.

Carl Tate profiled in News Leader

Carl Tate, Staunton Republican Committee’s Director of Minority Outreach, was profiled in the News Leader today. Outlining Tate’s political journey, beginning with his first Staunton Republican Committee meeting when he was 12, the reporter, Mindi Westhoff describes Tate’s involvement over the years:

“And involved he was. After a failed attempt at starting a Young Republicans group at Robert E. Lee, an unflustered Tate began helping with former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole’s presidential campaign at 15 and interned for U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-6th at 16.

As a freshman at Liberty University, Tate was elected president of the College Republicans and in just a few semesters, turned the 10-member group into an active organization of 50 on the 5,500-person campus.”

For more on the story please check out the

Republicans Gather in Bath County

The Bath County Republican Committee hosted a successful forum today for their constituents at the Old Dairy Community Center. Speaking before a crowded room of 45, Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Senator Ken Cuccinelli and 6th District Vice-Chair Scott Sayre, spoke to the issues facing voters today including the state of the economy, energy and even the influence of lobbyists in government. To see so many enthusiastic voters out on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon was truly heartwarming!

If you are interested in getting involved with the Republican Party in Bath County, please contact Chairman Dr. Andy Jones.

GOP Breakfast Photos

Republican Fellowship
Palin Power--thank you Rob and Sara Shirley!

Palin Power--thank you Rob and Sara Shirley!

Carl Tate (Dir. of Minority Outreach), Tim Edwards (HQs donor) and Scott Sayre (6th District Vice Chair)
Carl Tate (Dir. of Minority Outreach), Tim Edwards (HQs donor) and Scott Sayre (6th District Vice Chair)
David Karaffa, Barb Tillett, Phil Lynch and Howard Hahn

David Karaffa, Barb Tillett, Phil Lynch and Howard Hahn

Delegate Chris Saxman, Commander Paul Galanti and Matt Fitzgerald
Delegate Chris Saxman, Commander Paul Galanti and Matt Fitzgerald

GOP Chairs Bill Shirley (Augusta), Chris Darden (Waynesboro), Anne Taetzsch (Staunton)

GOP Chairs Bill Shirley (Augusta), Chris Darden (Waynesboro), Anne Taetzsch (Staunton)

Commander Paul Galanti Dazzles at GOP Breakfast

Commander Paul Galanti

Republicans in the Valley gathered Saturday morning at Kathy’s Restaurant in Staunton. Speaking before a standing room only crowd (over 110 in attendance), Commander Paul Galanti energized the grassroots, speaking of his friend John McCain and emphasizing that Country First matters.

Commander Galanti, a highly decorated Naval officer, spoke on his days as a POW, describing how soldiers would communicate. He recalled days in solitary confinement, spending his time remembering events of the past. He told the Republicans that POWs are the happiest people you will ever meet, ending by saying that “it’s always a good day when the door has a handle that you can open”.

We were honored to have Delegate Steve Landes, Delegate Chris Saxman and Delegate Ben Cline join us, along with Councilman Dickie Bell (Staunton), Councilman Bruce Allen (Waynesboro) and Commissioner of the Revenue Jean Shrewsberry (Augusta). We also want to thank 6th District Vice Chair Scott Sayre and his wife Mary, Bath County Chairman Andy Jones, RPV rep Laura Austin, the dynamic Goodlatte trio of Dave Rexrode, Mike Sargent and Annie C., and Melissa Busse with Lt. Governor Bill Bolling’s office for joining us. Many thank yous to Kathy’s who hosted a fabulous breakfast!

It was the 10th Anniversary of the GOP breakfast. A special THANK YOU to General Bruce Grover who had the vision to bring Republicans together on a monthly basis.

For more on Commander Galanti, click here.

For more on the breakfast, please visit the News Virginian.

Staunton GOP Elects Officers

The Staunton GOP met on May 28th to elect officers. Congratulations to the new officers!

Vice Chair: General Bruce Grover

Secretary: Kelly Keech

Treasurer: Susan Sheets


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